Saturday, October 25, 2014

Warlords of Draenor Fight with Headless Knight to the last During Halloween

Halloween is part of various world of warcraft epic festival achievements long travel, travel to complete all the strange long series of achievements, you can get a rare flight speed of flying mounts - purple ancestors young dragon with 310% speed as well as some wow gold. The Halloween will be spent on the eve of the Warlords of Draenor, the headless knight will drop 540 level of ring, plate head and one-handed sword, what are you waiting for? Go to brush and brush...

Take BUFF add prestige: Halloween lost after the torch to the scarecrow will experience acquired a reputation for speed increased by 10% in the BUFF, can increase the popularity for the task. The guild & talent & Halloween buff can stack. BUFF lasts 2 hours and dead disappears, but can bonfires back to get it again, can obtain infinite time, no CD. Fire location: the gate on the right side of the storm < 32.9, 49.5 > the ruins of Lordaeron in < 66.6, 15.3 >. Halloween activity time: on October 18 at 10:00 to November 1 11:00; play: candy, or mischief; to save the village; Kill the headless knight; the scarecrow festival, etc.

Since October 18, will you be in stormwind and ruins of Lordaeron (near the undercity) found in two special Halloween scarecrow. Every four hours, Genn Greymane and Sylvanas Windrunner, popular and hill will be lit their city's giant scarecrow, respectively, to celebrate the coming of Halloween. Of course, if not how can Halloween without tricks?

During Halloween, in addition to those wacky candy and turns into a trifle, headless knight will also be held, riding his ghost horses, in the quiet green jack-o '-lantern. Incidentally, please open game sound louder, the headless knight trademark laugh wildly but impressive! And after wearing the headless knight's helmet, also can send like headless knight with laughter! The headless knight's lair within Scarlet Monastery, you can go to the grave of Scarlet Monastery, find the altar of the headless knight, to be summoned. Remember, he only appears in the Halloween, missed this holiday; you have to wait until next year.

During Halloween, in Scarlet Monastery’s tomb area there will be a special to giant pumpkin head in the form of a headless knight shrine. Through the interaction with the shrine, the player can the dirt from the back raises a headless knight. You must be higher than level 89 to receive the task chain. Call the headless rider items needed to be from the shadow of defeat the headless rider event after the big pumpkin head.

After defeating the headless knight, his real soul will release, and can drop a 470 level of purple ring. In addition, like the rest of the reckoning festival BOSS, struck the headless rider for the first time every day you can get a gift package "stuffed with pumpkin", there is a chance to leave without horses, flying broom and other 470 purple equipment and wow gold which can be bought from IGXE.COM. Enjoy Halloween gifts! Per person per day can only summon headless rider once. But this does not affect the others on the team called the headless knight. Note that this is a daily task, so will the number of daily tasks.

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