Thursday, March 27, 2014

Titanfall Game Review

 Following on from the ‘Call of Duty’ craze that started some seven years ago, Titanfall has been hyped to take the crown in the world of first-person shooters.  Infinity Ward laid the foundations all those years ago and the seed grew into one of the most popular game franchises to date.  Vince Zampella and Jason West, two of Infinity Ward’s chief creators, left the company in 2010 to form Respawn Entertainment.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall has been thrust into the spotlight as the Xbox One’s signature title, but does it deliver what’s required to make it the benchmark setting title that everyone is expecting?  This can depend on your perspective and experience of first-person shooters.  Those new to the genre will no doubt be overwhelmed by the non-stop action and spectacular effects within the game, while die hard first-person junkies may be left a little short.

The plot of Titanfall can’t be accused of being complex.  The game focuses on two alternative factions, the Militia and the IMC, who battle it out using heavy duty weaponry.  Both sides also have access to Titans, huge mechanoids that can be summoned at certain points within the game.  As you might expect, damage is increased greatly when piloting a Titan.

Gameplay within Titanfall is not limited to the Titan; in fact your character will only have access to a titan every two minutes.  So what does this mean in relation to your battle against the enemy? Well worry not; regardless of whether you’re piloting a Titan or working solo, damage can be done to enemy Titan with the right equipment.  Players will also notice how agile and nimble the pilots are, so gameplay is far from sluggish.

The game is online multiplayer only, so those hoping to kick back on their own will no doubt be disappointed at the lack of a single-player option.  Also going back to the thin plot, this is what makes the campaign modes, which are effectively nine multiplayers games glued together with events.  The campaigns can be played through as both Militia and the IMC, but don’t expect anything close to the gripping plotlines of the Call of Duty series.

The gameplay itself sees you team up with five other online players during the campaign mode. As previously explained, the campaign plays much the same as the matches.  This adds excitement and gives the game a more realistic feel in that you’re working with real people rather than computer-controlled sidekicks.

Despite the lack of a solid plotline, the game delivers where it matters most, action.  The game is mostly made of matches called ‘Attrion,’ which in layman’s terms means to kill as many enemies as you possibly can, the killing of enemies helps you build up points.  Other matches include ‘Capture the Flag,’ ‘Pilot Hunter’ and ‘Last Titan Standing’.

To read the full reviews please visit Blurrb.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Thoughts on Minecraft

I have been a gamer for as long as I can remember. There is no other activity that consumes more of my spare time than gaming. I am dedicated to my hobby and I would be willing to sacrifice many other things in life just to be able to play games even more.

My adventures with Minecraft started in early 2013. Having heard about the game from several friends of mine, I was curious enough to create an account myself and start playing immediately. I will never forget the day when I entered the rich and fabulous world of Minecraft. I was tossed in the middle of a huge, yet very impressive, challenging randomly-generated world. It was an experience like no other. In case you are not familiar with Minecraft, I would like to tell you that it is nothing like World of Warcraft for example. In Minecraft, you shape the world around you by building or gathering objects. There is also combat to allow you to gather some resources such as food you need to stay alive.

Since I am such a gaming enthusiast, I buy gaming gear from time to time related to some games I used to play in the past or ones that I keep playing until this date. I don’t have any Minecraft Related Merchanise in my possession yet, but I believe that it is all going to change soon when I get my hands on some Minecraft gear. I like to brag about the games I play, so wearing or having something that signifies that I am a Minecraft player would indeed be a splendid idea. There are already several items I am planning to purchase, which means that I am going to make a list of all of them to see in which order I am going to try to get them. I’ll start with something smaller such as Minecraft T-shirts, after which I will consider buying even more items.

Monday, June 17, 2013

What do YOU want?

The Editorial Xvarts are all ears (literally - still working out these new polymorph spells)!  What sort of articles would you like to see in The Oerth Journal?  We have a list of article ideas (page link just over there --->), but let's face it -- that list has been floating around since Erik Mona was editor (whatever happened to that guy, anyway?).  It's OLD.  We want New, Hot, Current, Exciting, and Something with an i- in front of it. 

Do you want the down-low on goblins in Greyhawk?  Tell us!  Wondering about Jallarzi Sallivarian?  Our dedicated staff of Writer-Flumphs are standing (floating, actually) by to bring you details! Want to see a centerfold featuring the Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra or Bigby?  The Xvarts are deadlocked right now - you could be the tie-breaker!

Even better, click here and send us a proposal for your own article!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The state of Canonfire!, 2012

A nice little letter from Cebrion on Canonfire!, specifically regarding that site and plans for the new year, but referencing the Oerth Journal as well.  Two bits are worth repeating here:

"Launching a fully realized "Canonfire! Chronicles"(working title) special features format PDF specifically for featuring fully contained Adventures, select Article collections, Postfest! compilations, map collections, and similar things.As a part of getting this put in place, it may be that The Oerth Journal will be re-tasked, similar to what happened with Dragon Magazine when Dungeon Magazine came onto the scene. As such, The Oerth Journal would be more like Dragon Magazine, featuring all of the varied special interest articles that The Oerth Journal has mostly been known for. Lengthy adventures, really large gazetteer-style offerings that literally could stand on their own as a supplement book, and anything not really fitting the format of The Oerth Journal all that well would be relegated to being featured in Canonfire! Chronicles."

A quick note on this from someone who's been involved in the Oerth Journal for sometime, namely me: there has been a lot of discussion over the years (and I do mean -years-) about creating a sort of "Oerth Journal Presents" imprint to handle exactly the type of content discussed above.  Adventures can be editing nightmares, and reprinting articles from CF (or other sources) has not been seen as within our writ.  The CFC will put the best of Canonfire back into view, and allow the OJ to focus on what it does best: providing, new, high-quality, fan-created content for the World of Greyhawk. It's win all around.

And speaking of "fan-created"...

" It seems to be a popular misconception that only the work of a few people is published in The Oerth Journal in particular, but that is simply not true. Anyone can submit their writing to The Oerth Journal, or to Canonfire!, and the same can be said of Canonfire! Chronicles once it is launched. And don?t forget Postfest! too, as that is a great avenue for getting one's feet wet. That's how I started off myself. Little did I know what I was getting myself into, but don't let that put you off from doing so! :D"

Thursday, December 22, 2011


If there are other sites or boards around the web that you think would be interested in The Oerth Journal, please leave us a note in the comments below, or start your own thread and post a link below! We want to get the word out! I would like to thank Geek Tales for their continuous support and contribution. The same goes for Pai Girl.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

What We Got?

Currently submitted to the Oerth Journal: A well-developed & illustrated article on the Free City of Highvale; an article on Shaofeng (may need more development); an article on Secret Societies in Ket; a brief (1-page) magical-item article; and a Geoff adventure (this might not be a real submission. have to look into it. Might be just passing through.)

Page-wise we're looking good; Highvale will clock in at at least 30 pages, I think, Ket is 10, the magic box is 1, Shaofeng is 6 with lots of room for growth.  The adventure is 81 (!!!) pages; font and formatting might drop that to 70 or a little less, but we'll still have to decide what to do about it, assuming it's intended to be published.  I think we might be being used as some kind of courier service.  I feel so dirty.  ;)

Personally, I'd like to see:
  • an article about a lesser known deity, or the (unique) servants of a powerful deity - creatures a PC party of moderate level might interact with.  
  •  Articles that deal with mechanical issues & offer rules options are always hard to come by.  
  •  GH specific races in 4e or Pathfinder format is a simple idea.  
  •  4e domains for GH gods, or anything converting GH material to Pathfinder rules.  
  • Magic items that aren't artifacts.  
  • Spellbooks.  
  • New races, though there are so many cliches this would be a real minefield (dragon-people; cat/badger/dog/animal-people; winged people; half-people; submissions from people that capitalize their Races like Elf and Dwarf; races that are outcast and misunderstood; races that are made up of solitary wandering immortal types (actual or functionally) and apparently breed by releasing spores into the air or something; races that are "like orcs, but different"; races that were created by their god (who is new to Oerth); races that were kicked out by their god (who never acted like this before); races from another planet/plane/sphere/dimension....  The uldra, from Dragon magazine, were a race that worked. IMO.
  • Short, simple, adventure sites, at least a paragraph, no longer than a page.  Not mapped, just simple descriptions & rumors.  Solid locations on the map, not vague.
  • Articles describing one hex of the Darlene map.
  • Articles tying old (or new) D&D products to Greyhawk.
And Monkeyboyjones wants "more on Valley of the Mage, Fading Lands (which in my mind are gateways to Ravenloft), Scarlet Brotherhood (in context of them actually being monks), Hepmonaland and what exactly is beneath the Corusk Mtns."