Friday, April 25, 2014

App Name BioSys 3011 - End of World

 If you have been following this blog for a while, you know what a huge fan of video gaming I am. I dedicate to the hobby plenty of time every day just to make sure that I don't spend even one single day without playing some great games that absolutely shake my world.

For a long time now, RPGs have been my favorite games. I simply love to assume the role of a hero or heroine to venture into a strange world full of mystical creatures that I can slay with my dagger or my mighty sword. Whenever I play an RPG, I try to roleplay as much as possible trying to imagine that I really am the main hero of the game and that I truly experience the feelings of the hero.

One thing I like about Biosys 3011-the End of the World is that the action of the game takes place underwater. I am not sure how much it matters to you how you play your games, but with so few games that are underwater, this would definitely make the whole experience a lot better. 

In case you would like to see a video presenting the game, you will find it here: This should give you an idea how the game plays. I myself am going to try out the game later today, and I will try to post some of my impressions over the weekend or later, depending how much time I am going to have to dedicate to the task. I have this feeling that the game is going to take me a lot of my free time, which is good taking into consideration that i have a whole weekend I can fill with whatever I want. What better things I can do during a weekend than to dedicate my time to my favorite hobby?

Below you can find a short description of the game to give you an idea what the game is like:

The world war 3011 has came to an end and all nations have put a ban on nuclear technology even for energy. This was the only energy resource to power the world after the ban, BioSys found a new energy resource called whight which is being extracted from the earth's core, and has become the sole energy provider of the world. Money has corrupted them and they are keep extracting the energy which is weakening the earth's core and can end in the destruction of the whole planet. This is not it, but BioSys is into making artificial virus called M5 which is turning the living into monsters. Alexa an underground researcher finds this out and went on an action packed mission to put an end to BioSys doing evil. The day has come and Alexa has to capture all the high tech super weapons and bionic suites from BioSys to save the earth.

I know you will fall in love for this game why?

** Awesome graphics and great gameplay in this best action & run game for iPhone

**Futuristic concept and Sci-Fi Interface.

** Outstanding graphics with thrilling sounds and music

** Multiple levels for endless fun & action, each level is full of adventure.

** 14 types of enemies & robots for your full fun pack.

** Futuristic weapons, super suite submarines, virus, power & more

** Fight with monster fishes, robots & enemies real war experience

** Free Game centre support

This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of: fun lover, action RPGs, sci-fi games, and multi-levels
and free adventure games.

If you are one of them, get the game now!

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