Monday, June 17, 2013

What do YOU want?

The Editorial Xvarts are all ears (literally - still working out these new polymorph spells)!  What sort of articles would you like to see in The Oerth Journal?  We have a list of article ideas (page link just over there --->), but let's face it -- that list has been floating around since Erik Mona was editor (whatever happened to that guy, anyway?).  It's OLD.  We want New, Hot, Current, Exciting, and Something with an i- in front of it. 

Do you want the down-low on goblins in Greyhawk?  Tell us!  Wondering about Jallarzi Sallivarian?  Our dedicated staff of Writer-Flumphs are standing (floating, actually) by to bring you details! Want to see a centerfold featuring the Fiend-Sage of Rel Astra or Bigby?  The Xvarts are deadlocked right now - you could be the tie-breaker!

Even better, click here and send us a proposal for your own article!


  1. The density and depth of the tales unravelled in your journal can be matched by our own home setting. Would anyone else be interested in the Life and Times of Aaron Grey, the fire witch Calliobelle the handmaiden of Mailikki, Leonora? Faerun reimagined, in Kalevala, a post apocalyptic earth returned to Fuedal fragments....

  2. What I don't want is non-Greyhawk content, such as the Video Game reviews that have appeared here in 2014.

    I like Video Games, but there are plenty of better venues for them. Oerth Journal should be reserved exclusively for high-quality articles about the World of Greyhawk. Or at minimum, setting-neutral D&D articles so long as they are a small minority of the content.